At Dr. M.G.R University we raised our hands to contribute to Mozilla to make web a better place.at first our dedicated friend researched and found us the enlightenment about this topic.and ignited us for shaping the world to make it a better place.

We confined our thoughts and started the launch sequence for mission Mozilla on —-
date. Initially we started the team with responsive circuit of friends who were the core members now. we started sorting ourselves and found that we are about to spread uses of open web. we are building a better web with Mozilla.

At Mozilla  Internet that truly puts people first, where individuals can shape their own experience and are empowered, safe and independent.we got involved and learnt that internet is an integral part of society.internet is a global resource which has to made accessible for every corner of the world.

The internet must be used to make the human life to get enriched and it has to shaped to the taste of every individual.a commercial involvement in web earns them profit and public views. internet has to made a public benefit and it can be made truthful for with the help of a non-profit organization like MOZILLA CAMPUS CLUB
We are about to eradicate the dark side of web by teaching the elements of the web .

We designed a unique idea for making the world-wide web a simple platform for every individual .we are the weapon RUST to make the web better,safer and understandable.web assembly is the way we used to collaborate and connect the people.

Learn, Teach and Build

Learn the web in the whole new dimension with basic level language to high level language.our teach lead has invented an effective method which is understandable by the people who are not yet exposed to internet .
Teaching in innovative method like building a basic program with easy every day activity like simple games .teaching basics to unknown and teaching high level skills like browser developer tools has been set to achieve .
Solution to real world problems are the basic necessity of the hour.we are about to represent the originality of ideas and innovative use of technology for building an open web which is not limited anymore.

At our club we pledged for progress and skillful utilization of technology where strive until we achieve the perfect web we dreamed of with Mozilla making a global initiative our motto for work is “progress to proficiency” we define this in our sincere contribution to Mozilla and making Mozilla’s dream our aim to lead the world into a better fortune