MGR@Mozfest2017 LONDON

We at MGR Mozilla club had a fantastic opportunity to host sessions at Mozilla festival in Ravensbourne unoversity, London UK held from 27-29 October 2017.
The initial effort for this big leap started months ago. We started developing projects and codes for developing an interesting and creative event. We have to first enrol ourselves for participating in the event and have to list our projects on mozfest’17 and it’s GitHub.

After submitting our creative proposals, our efforts never went in vain. We got selected for proposing two sessions at mozfest. Our space wranglers from Mozilla allotted us spaces and centres to perform events under the web literacy space.
With all wishes and great support we made our way to London on 26 September and our crew consists of our Club Captain JayaPreethi Mohan , Gowtham as Facilitators and Indhumathi , Likhitha Reddy as Additional Facilitators along with our Assc.Professor P.S. Rajakumar.


We have hosted our 1st session on 27 September 2017 at afternoon. was about augmented reality and its application. In our first session we created AR characters and developed an interactive game using the augmented reality technology from unity.

The audience were excited and had a great time with learning the future technology. And crafted their own examples of augmented reality.


And our second session which was held on 3:30pm was about MDN and Beyond. This session was about the most helpful tools in Mozilla web browsers and how to script Webpages using the tools provided by them. We received a good number of participants, who are enthusiastic about the technology. Our session was applauded and appreciated by Mr.Kadir of MDN community and web literacy space wrangler Luke Pacholski

After completing our two sessions we had a great and mixed review about our performance. This made us to feel happy and helped us to contribute more for our future performances.

Finally at the end of the event we got greeted by authorities of Mozilla and participants of mozfest’17 for hosting decent sessions. The people at Mozfest said that they were cherished for our presence and were expecting us for performing their future events.

IMG-20171118-WA0029We are graced and overwhelmed by the event. And pledge to contribute for a free, healthy and open internet.



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